Above variant (method in this case) is bad because only one example (would be) and you can not be confident that this method is actually used. Actually I haven't seen yet that this method would be applied somewhere in those tests. Tho coincidence is there.

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I'm lazy. I try to think so little as possible at certain time span. Often it leads to big time waste. For example, I rarely analyze those items in the beginning (or at all), it often leads big time waste. What about those IQ tests, the comma placement is actually very good tip, even when comma placement is used also for distracting purposes, there is often still some good clue.

For example Q.25: XXX

Yes in Q.26 one item is used to generate next one: 2759 --> 4248 --> 1152 --> ? (sadly I do not know good tip to give, what wouldn't take your joy away, but answer is actually 3 digits in length, but don't let it distract you)

This is bad learned (low level adaption) behavior, whenever I see the problem I start to solve it. I do not direct myself, I do not search for higher level clues, I just go with the flow. This is huge waste for us.

One Tip: Keep in mind Key for the answer could be anything. Do not limit yourself, consider new possibilities. I know it is hard to see things in new perspective, in new way.

Creativity. And. Creativity. Okay it is hard to do. But do it anyway.

Above: It may create a big temptation to come up with final answer in those situations. I wonder is this the one item what got many wrong answers. Why else were those NSE scores were little low.

Basically problem you made is that you assumed that sequence is constructed in the way like you defined it. Seems very likely. Actually, you made mistake because you guessed the system, system has to be clear. At-least I have seen that they are made in this way. Some items are more protected. More protected against luck. If someone accidentally discovers the root of the problem, then she/he still does not get the right answer. I have to keep it on mind on myself, because often I feel that I got lucky to find the system. Though, I do not shot when I'm not confident that my aiming is perfect. And this is adoptable.

145 & 244
299 & 398
Last edited by phaclogage on Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:46 pm, edited 3 times in total.

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:
STUDY CASE: Question 18: * * 120, 10, 3, ?, ? * *

120 | 01-reversed | 3 | ( ?-reversed ) | ( ? )

120 | 01-reversed | 3 | ( 00-reversed ) | ( 140 0 )

Un-reversed: 120, 10, 3, 00, 140.

Back to the 'drawing board' (sigh).

What was that:O

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:
Question 27: * * 123456, 17636, 2519, ?, ? * *

This is odd. After spending about half-hour in the question, I discovered a near-perfect pattern in the sequence of numbers -- but the figures were off in the final digit or had decimal places (lolwut?). So I just ignored this apparent anomaly and truncated (cut off) the numbers, and it worked. I cannot believe that this is an acceptably correct answer. I protest (!) Yet, I got it right so maybe I should not complain overmuch (ha ha).

This item needs to be investigated little further. To know exactly why is this item there (is it one of the questions from where everyone should get 1 point). As everyone would get one point from it (in the end of day), most would use just their first and only discovery. Some understand what is behind that, how it is perfectly reasonable ... but this item suits for mathematicians more.

victim count : 40

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if i wasted that much time on it as u did i would be at 30/30 like fucklabs

when i did those lil tests like ur numerix n wtvs i dont waste more than an evening on them srs. waste of time.

its time for u to commit the seppuku


Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Above: Thus far, I spent maybe 30 hours in NSE. Phac Labs may have spent 100 hours in it.

If you did Numerix, why not tell us your score so we can add it to our List? We need help in our Club.

i remeber doing it long time ago and got 12/20 on the same day but srsly, why would i waste my time on that unproductive chit? i dont like my name being displayed on the list so thx

phaclogage wrote:
ConcernedBimbo wrote:
Can you give a ballpark estimate? And congrats on completing the test.

Thank you buddy. I try to give you some estimation, however it may not be very accurate.

Thu Dec 29 I posted link for NSE test. As I remember I did not start doing it myself on the same day. Maybe I started after 1-2 days . . . when you tried it:
phaclogage wrote:superior test http://free.ultimaiq.net/nse.htm

Jan 03, 2017 Comment (Seems that I had already started with it):
phaclogage wrote:guys NSE test is easier :lol:

Jan 06, 2017 Comment Raw 22/30:
1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

Jan 08, 2017 I added comment to forum that I was at 25/30 at the time:
phaclogage wrote:Currently I got at NSE test: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.

Unsolved: 4, 9, 12, 24, 30.

4 - firstly seems to be very easy pattern but it doesn't work til end.
24 - those numbers there seem to connect but haven't figured out what it is really about
9, 12, 30 - Haven't find anything noticeable

Of course I try to figure out those later :twisted:

Jan 09, 2017 Raw 26/30:
phaclogage wrote:Solved q24 at NSE test, feel free to update score table. Raw score 26/30 is calculated as an IQ 168.

Tho 4 more to figure out. :twisted:

Jan 10, 2017 Raw 27/30:
phaclogage wrote:Update: Solved question Nr. 30 at NSE test.
Raw score 27/30 (numerical IQ 170).

Jan 11, 2017 Raw 28/30:
phaclogage wrote:Solved question 9 at NSE test. Got 28/30.


Jan 23, 2017 Raw 29/30:
phaclogage wrote:Finally I nailed the 'NSE' 12th.
One more to go :twisted:

Feb 27, 2017 (Yesterday) Solved the last one.

I must have started with it somewhere between Dec 29 and Jan 03. So let's assume that I started on 1st January.

On Jan 06 at some point I was at 22/30. It was 6 days of hard work.

On Jan 11 I had 28/30. 11 days of hard work.

But it is hard to tell exactly how many hours I directly was solving them. I also played poker and browsed-shitposted when I was behind the computer. So estimation '100 hours' (active work) is way too off. Maybe half of it?

After that I believe I slowed little down. As I did not understand what is about with that Q.4, even it seemed simple. And about Q.12 I had basically no idea. As at 23 Jan I solved Q.12 then we can add more hours . . .

After that I basically gave up.

And nearly 2 months later I can finally celebrate ( ! ) Yeee ( ! )

phaclogage wrote:
NSE Raw scores with estimated IQ scores:

Feb 27 Raw 30/30 (IQ-180*)

Jan 23 Raw 29/30 (IQ-178)

Jan 09 - Raw 26/30 (IQ-168) / Jan 10 Raw 27/30 (IQ-170) / Jan 11 - Raw 28/30 (IQ-174)

Jan 08 - Raw 25/30 (IQ-165)

Jan 06 - Raw 22/30 (IQ-158)

. . . dedication & 'skill' combined with unproductive approach (I'm pretty sure that I would have been little faster when I would have eliminated distractions and analyzed those items in the paper). Though the result is anyway exceeding expectations, but seems that I must be pretty talented for those numerical tests. Makes me wonder . . .

Also makes me ask how long others worked with it. And which ones they did not understand.

I truly hope that my intelligence is high like we estimate best performing doctors to have. It's my wish, my hope, my desire. I would be shocked, hurt and devastated when I would discover that I'm actually too far away.

It is High IQ or Death ! !

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