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Boys help me to improve my working memory, processing speed etc.

phaclogage wrote:Boys help me to improve my working memory, processing speed etc.

That's what's innate.
I suggest you to take 10 mg of cocaine. It will make your mind fuction 2x faster as your time perception will be 2x slower. Your goal is to manipulate time perception in order to lower reaction, increase processing speed and short term memory.

For my case, what I would deem useful are ADHD pills as I obviously suffer Attention deficit disorder as proven by an ubiquitous lack of focus.


Cocaine game is legit, but I would like at-least to re-gain what I already had...

^ I want to try some newer tests @ https://iqnavi.net (those for what we have to use a name and a e-mail address), but I'm highly against putting new traces (and accounts) up to internet . . . .

NB: I wish you luck with Numerix Test : ) !

It's banned from sports you idiot.
Jon Jones took cocaine before a fight and came out winner, but he was sanctioned. Shut up Ona, you know nothing.

Clen, albuterol and ephedrine (and related compounds) are used in sports, I imagine part of the purpose is for cognitive benefits, of course in addition to the increased contractile force, vo2 max and fat burning


Ona is an idiot that forgot that drugs have bad legal consequences. It's banned by sports as well as the gov. Don't be retarded Ona. You're barely older than 10.

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