Mystical Intelligence test series: Test 2

Find a hidden ( ! ) link, you will find one image / wallpaper there.

Post this image ITT. Cute Girl btw.


Link is already accessible from here ITT, from somewhere. No need to search from my next post.

Link leads to somewhere on this site: (Note: find exact link.)

Link is clickable ITT. (Keep in mind that it is hidden.)

(Test is capable of measuring 99.99997 percentile real life intelligence.)

what ITT means?
victim count : 40

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'ITT' as it is used in some sites for 'In This Thread'.

So one should search only from this thread and nowhere else.

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Ona wrote:Seriously, Ona does not know how you managed to insert the image into the "you know what".


Mmm, you found it. :-)

PostThis post by Ona was deleted by Ona on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:50 pm.


Sometimes you have to look little closer or at-least think about all the possibilities first (where I can be hidden).

I think it is very well hided. But still findable : )

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