INVESTIGATORS Skill Test Series: Test 'Agent D.' part 4

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Test 'Agent D.' part 4:

We just received another note from criminals. As all previous notes have given us valuable information about their activities and helped us to find important pieces in 'puzzles', we assume that this note is highly helpful for us.

"Fagots we are in Germany now. We just bought ourselves nice black 2014 Mercedes-Benz S class with AMG design. It is funny that manufacturer stats says it takes 11.1 L/100 km, previous owner stated at as it takes him 11.5 L/100 km but we run at 9.5 L/100 and we drive mostly in city. Haha you idiot, I just wanted you to know that we live large not like you scum!"

Our new young detective it is now up to you to find what it is all about (and as fast as possible). I think we can identify that car if the car advertisement is still up at '' as he gave us so much information. If we find the seller we are getting close.

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Investigator Bimbo: What you got on this? Can you find us a car which trading history we should check?
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I don't understand what I'm supposed to do in the second.

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