IQ test for you boys ! Test TY1

Solve this sequence: 1746, 8583, 59601, 31716, ?

Total votes : 9

Solve it! If You do, You probably have a high IQ!

Later we analyze statistics and try to estimate IQ levels for those who solved it!
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Working with hard tests definitely teaches you to think more creatively.

Even if one doesn't succeed at some particular test but someone reveals solutions later (we reveal our ones too) then he sees that solutions are not 'impossible' (very hard) to find!

If he shares his new mindset into real life too and as result starts thinking like real 'fox' then the gain is tremendous.
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Above: Look your 'pm' now, I did send you the real solution for this one.

LoserFanboy wrote:You actually solve these types of tests?


And I believe my question is very hard to solve.

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Bimbo what is your answer for this test, send me 'pm' if you get it.
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