Vocational school, skilled trades and working in an oil rig

Anyone here a blue collar worker?
Skilled trades etc.

I'm 17 and in a year I'm planning to go to an institution/vocational school.

my dream would be to work in an oil rig eventually.

+long off time (only work 6 months in a year) seasonal work
14/21 day rotations
lots of time to pursue hobbies and studies.
Hobbies like playing instruments, literature, sports and etc.

+decent pay
entry level - $50,000 – US $80,000
technical/professional - $70,000 – US $220,000

+living expenses and meals covered
no women
socializing is not mandatory

+no commute
no social anxiety
reduced stress

+don't have to wear a suit and tie

+challenging work (slavery)
exhausted by the end of the day, no time for autistic and depressive thoughts.

+no internet so no sluthate = mentally sane.
IQ maxxing by reading daily

-dangerous work (potential hazards, human error, computer error, freak accidents)
most common is to have fingers amputated by spinning chains in an oil rig,
thus can't masturbate or post on sluthate anymore

-potential for aging due to sun exposure, environment, working conditions and stress.

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