NYPD Pigs choke out and kill a nigga

Perceived violence, perceived harassment, perceived bullying, perceived abuse, etc.

Fucking pigs. Cops are scum. I remember when these three cops were harassing me. I hope a pack of muscle-bound 6'6" Mandingo psychopaths with 13" penises tracks down these cops one by one and sodomizes them. And then fuck their wives in front of the cop's eyes. Their wife moaning in pleasure, humiliating her cop cuck hubby. Cops are scum. They all deserve to be shot. They all deserve to be ER'd. NWA's "Fuck Tha Police" and Ice-T's "Cop Killer" are totally red pill.

These cops killed a nigga because he sold some cigarettes illegally. Just fucking lol. The State is a piece of shit. The more that we see the state oppress people, the more we'll see market corrections like this pop up.


You Republican cucks. You want free market bitch? Violence is the real free market.
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tubes wrote:Poor guy he only had been arrested 31 times in the past, and I am sure him being a fatass had nothing to do with his death.
A nigga died for selling cigarettes. For fucks sake. Fucking bullshit.
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tubes wrote:His stupidity killed him. Cops don't get to pick what laws they get to enforce.
The problem is that these psychopathic fucktards even sign up to be cops in the first place. The type of asshole who applied to be a cop is an authoritarian asshole that loves to bully people. I have had a run-in with the po po. Fucking small dicked little cuck bitches who hide behind a badge and a gun. Over-compensating little bitches. I can understand why black people hate cops so much.

Lefortus wrote:why do u call them pigs, are u mexican?
No, I am just very anti-government. And had a bad run-in with the cops last year (no I wasn't arrested. But I never felt so much ER rage in my life until I had to deal with ass hole cops. I can understand why black people rap about wanting to kill cops.)

you guys are idiots

selling cigs should not mean you die.

the cop could have tased him and he would be down easy

People still don't understand that the cops aren't asking for your opinion. You must do what they tell you, otherwise you're resisting.
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Eric Garner wasn't a thug though. He was just selling contraband cigarettes without a license or taxation. He was hurting the business of the local convenience store clerk and depriving the government of tax funds. So he had to be put down. That's what this all boils down to. Eric is a victim of the state. As are all of us. The government is mafia. Plain and simple. Give us your "protection money" (taxes) or else you'll get shot. And cops are goons who will happily do the government's bidding because they are psychopaths who get a kick out of committing assault and murder. It's the only thing that will get their tiny little dicks hard. Because their fat hag wife at home can't get the job done.
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There is a difference between niggers and gentle giant BBCs like Eric Garner. The nigger who jumped the white guy in the 2-faced white liberals avoid black neighbourhoods video and the black guy who took advantage of the situation and knocked out hte white guy cold onto the pavement deserve to be lynched from a tree. No question. They are niggers. Not African-Americans.

incelface wrote:You don't know that,nor do I , but he was arrested at least 30 times for breaking the law. Cops in my city are scared shitless of losing their jobs and the force being sued on race card. He might have an aggravated assault charge tho. Does that make him a thug then?
Look at the video. Eric Garner did not react with violence whatsoever towards the police officers. There was no reason to choke him out.

Cops can lose their jobs if they see a law being broken ( no matter how stupid it is) and don't enforce it. If it was a obese redneck or an asian or Nordic like that who kept escalating his resisting arrest of the cop and he had a heart attack defying a law enforcement officer. It would still be his fault. it's an individual crime thing , not a racial thing.
I don't give a fuck if these government parasites (cops) lose their jobs. There needs to be less of these fuckers on the streets anyway. The cops do the bidding of the state (in this case, they enforce tobacco regulation laws because Eric Garner was cheating the government out of taxes and undercutting the local convenience store that was following government taxation regulations.) And the government hires violent goons who get their jollies from assaulting and killing people to do their bidding (just lol at the useless psychology tests. A psychopath like me can easily fake that test).

No he is a victim of black ghetto community's cultural values of growing up hating cops, hating white people ( you) , hating "white values" like getting an education. In US, there is no problem generally with Indians, asians ,arabs and other minorities law enforcement.
Cops aren't shooting to death indiancels as dark as your gf or mexican browncels or Vietcels? So that cops are targeting blacks bc they are racist is bs imo. Cops go where the crime is. In my city, for ex, according to rape victims, and witnesses of rape incidents, about 80% of the rapists are black and hispanic. So of course cops are gonna arrest more rapists who are black /hispanic here.
The cops also harass suburban white boys like me. Like they did last year. They accused me of theft in a parking garage. Until I proved to them that I wasn't there to steal anything, I just wanted to get my car, pay for my parking and get the fuck out. This is how life in the police state works. I understand why black people hate cops so much. If i was black, those cops would have beaten me black and blue.

Do you want the cops to not go where the crime is bc they are afraid to be called racist and lose their jobs?
Once again, I don't give a fuck if these government parasites (people who waste my taxes) lose their jobs. I get to save on taxes then. GOOD.

Agree with most except about the psychopath part since they screen for that in tests. But would you believe bc there is a racial disparity gap of blacks in cop forces across US, they used AA and quotas to let in blacks who failed the tests to be cops ?

You want an incompetent cop , fireman or surgeon to work on you?
Once again, just lol at the psychology tests. I could fake those. And I don't agree with AA either. I'm not a liberal. I'm anti-government on both sides of the spectrum. I'm much closer to a libertarian or anarchist than a liberal or conservative.

Some of them. But would you rather your city devolve into little Mogodishu , Detroit or Newark , where civil authority breaks down and be terrorized by roving violent gangs who'd kidnapped beat you to death with hammers and take your gf to gangrape or live in police state.
What good does a police state do me? This is the problem with humanity. People freely sacrifice liberty just for an ounce of "safety". You are not safe in a police state. We are all just a bunch of tax-paying cuck wage slaves who sacrifice our liberty and quality of life just to be able to survive. If you quit your wage slave job, you'll end up dead as soon as the money runs out. Which for most people, doesn't take long (luckily I have a lot of savings). So much for "safety". Life is about being a cuck slave for 40-50 years to support the government and the ruling class. Then you get cancer and die.

Who gives a fuck about surviving in this fucked up world anymore? If a BBC comes and claims my life and takes me away from this fucked up world, what do I have to lose anyway? Life is shit anyway. You are an incel. You would know that better than anyone. Why be loyal to a society where the women won't even suck your dick without paying for it (and if you are American) then throw you in jail and make you a registered sex offender (as if you were a pedophile!) for paying a woman money to suck your dick? :lol:
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