Building 10lbs of pure muscle?

I'm currently looking to add 10lbs of muscle after I have lost weight. I am currently about 185lbs at 23% bodyfat, so my lean body mass (LBM) would be around 142lbs. (185x0.23 = 42.55. 185 - 42.55 = 142.45lbs). First I will concentrate on weight loss (calorie restriction) then when I'm down to 17% or so bodyfat, I will up calories. Hopefully I will be down to 17% in 12 to 16 weeks. I'm currently on 1600 calories for weight loss, I will probably lose 2lbs of muscle as well with this. Do I need lots of calories like 3500 > 4000 to add muscle? I want my lbm to be 150lbs > 152lbs. How will it take to gain 10lbs pure pounds of muscle? I heard even a newbie and growing late teenager would be doing good to get 20lbs to 25lbs in his first year. I'm 38 this year. Most people agree about 0.6lbs a month is realstic for a guy in his 30's, and about 15lbs a year for a complete newb in his 30's. And thats with hard training and correct nutrition.

Arnold was 200 pounds as an 17 year old teen after 2 years of training and competed in the Mr. Olympia at 240 at the age 27. So it took him another 10 years to go from 200 to 240lbs and that was with the help of roids. Untrained, Arnold would naturally be around 185lbs, so we can say he added 55lbs total in his lifetime and after over a decade or training 6 times a week hard, and with steroids. Without roids he would not even get a 50lbs+ pound gain, he would only get around 40lbs naturally. Roids enabled him to gain an extra 15lbs.

My point here (even if all the numbers aren’t exact) is that the guys with some of the greatest muscle building genetics in the world have gained around fourty pounds of muscle in their lifetimes (naturally without roids). Think about that for a second.

What this means is that if you’re the average skinny-fat guy who weighs 160 at 6ft” with 20% bodyfat you’re never going to be over 200 pounds. If you do hit that milestone you’ll be fat.

There are a lot of 6ft guys who “think” they are a big 200 pounds but they’re lying to themselves. If they were lean they’d be 180.

A skinny-fat 5ft8 guy who is 172lbs with 20% bodyfat would be 155 if he were 10% bodyfat (which is a pretty respectable level that most people could hold year round). Now, if somehow he could match John Cena’s or Arnolds fifty pound muscle gain in a lifetime he could get up to 200 pounds over the course of a decade or so; massive for a 5ft8 guy.

But, if guys with the best genetics in the world can only gain forty five pounds of muscle in a lifetime what makes you think you can if you’ve got the shittiest genetics in the world and are covered in whale skin with six-inch bonecel wrists?

Maybe most of us have only got thirty pounds in us and 6lbs gains a year maximum?

1/2 lbs of muscle per month doesn't seem much, but picture it as adding 1 big chicken breasts of pure muscle a month to your frame (1 large chicken breast is 225g of pure muscle). Thats isn't as bad when you look at it this way.

Wasting your time naturally at your age.
Either take the right roids to cut down with a good diet and slowly build muscle from a lean state or concentrate on getting lean naturally and staying there

Cut then take Testosterone. You will not add 10 lbs of pure muscle lmao it's so difficult that even with maximum effort and knowledge you would just end up gaining fat still or restricting yourself too much to make progress. 3000 kcal is ridiculous honestly unless you are very active. This means a job + cardio + intense weight training. I am bulking atm, forced to go into a bulk as my heart rate has dropped so low probably because of 2 years + of malnutrition, kidneys appear damaged etc. At 5'11 160 2,300 ish seems to have a nice gain rate but I will have to adjust as it's hard to tell right now whether it's glycogen or water etc.

A NEET does not require 3000 kcal. 4500 would turn you into a Supersize Me stunt double.


You should also look to increase bone density, it will increase your (lean) weight whilst not adding bulk.

Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Vitamin A, Calcium. Make sure you get plenty, some sunshine and exercise will help to.

I am telling you right now, I gained 12lbs of lean mass in weeks due to consuming plenty of vitamin d (and doing calisthenics daily). No other differences were made and I didn't gain any fat. If you are subpar in vitamin d or calcium, you have such an easy ride to gain some lean mass in no time.

Just roid the fuck up peppers. Your at an age where even the oldcel juicers would say it is safe.
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FrameCel wrote:Just roid the fuck up peppers. Your at an age where even the oldcel juicers would say it is safe.

This. OP needs to at the bare minimum go on TRT. With TRT he could gain 10lbs of muscle with the same lifestyle he's living right now.

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