Ray Peat Diet: Anti-Aging & Pro-Metabolic

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My very favorite anti aging, moisturizing, healing, nutrient for the skin is Royal Jelly. It is a honey bee secretion that is used to nourish larvae and the adult queen bees. It contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, natural antibiotic properties, and antibacterial properties.Royal jelly is known for its anti- aging, cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibiotic components, and antibacterial agents.I have sensitive, dry, but acne and rash prone skin and my royal jelly moisturizer has really helped with all my skin issues.

^ That before and after is cosmetic surgeon tier fraud


Eating bread/wheat makes my scalp inflamed and itchy. I lose hair too.

it's probably another scam, aspies fall for them all the time.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


LMSghost wrote:What foods are allowed on the diet

Apparently this.

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Is this picture serious?


Whoever made this = legit retarded and knows NOTHING about nutrition. This thread has just lost ALL VALIDITY.

LOL @ eating ice-cream, honey, cane sugar, LOL. Validity = gone.

Orange juice? LOL. Orange juice is artificial sugar in a cup. Validity = gone.

No Alaskan salmon under the "seafood" list? Validity = gone.

Potatoes? Carrots? Yams? Good luck with your sugar spiking goals of 2015 and beyond.

Where in the FUCK are the vegetables, the spinach, the broccoli?

Nuts and seeds in the trash? LOL.

So like what would a daily meal plan with this diet look like? I've been doing raw till 4 and it fixed my constipation and low energy i got from paleo diet but my hair and skin is still shit, my hands also get cold. I've heard in one of Danny Roddy's interview that when he fixed calcium to phosphate ratios he noticed a huge fucking difference and im pretty sure im getting more phosphate than calcium. Should I start with Blackstrap Molasses for fixing calcium phosphate ratio?

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