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Over-sensitivity and pain in penis head

by moist clunge » August 2016

Anyone else have this problem? I've been seeing a few doctors about it and haven't gotten too much from them. I think it's due to my penis head (underneath the foreskin) has hardly ever been exposed throughout my teenage years and even into my adulthood, but now that part of my body is easily the most sensitive and even the gentlest touch can cause sudden pain in that area -- quite the bummer.

Anyone got any suggestions for this? Is there any way I can fix my dick and make it not painful to touch that body part? It's bad enough that I wasn't getting laid before, but now it seems like I physically can't get laid now (talk about sexual frustration).

Re: Over-sensitivity and pain in penis head

by Subzero » August 2016

It doesnt matter anymore.

Re: Over-sensitivity and pain in penis head

by Slenderman » August 2016

Maybe you wank too much O.O

Re: Over-sensitivity and pain in penis head

by Cersei Lannister » August 2016

let springfield massage it

Re: Over-sensitivity and pain in penis head

by Rotting Penis » August 2016

Fucked up hormones

something to do with serotonin and prolactin and maybe more


by Area-1255x » December 2016

This post by Area-1255x was deleted by 3D Face Analysis on Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:32 pm.

by nicholehw3 » September 2017

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