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mkdrive2 wrote:Hello, I'm a South Korean living in Germany. I was born here. I started reading a book, because people in internet forums keep calling me a psychopath. Because of my social phobia I first visited a German internet forum where social phobics gather. I was kicked out of that forum. Then I visited another German internet forum for psychological problems in general. Well, today I was kicked out of that forum, too, because I posted about the rape scene in the movie "Irreversible" and about a German book called "Gute Nacht, Zuckerpüppchen" that deals with a girl who is first sexually harrassed by her stepfather starting at the age of 8, and later raped until the age of 18. Well, I said, that I was kind of envious of the stepfather because he pretty seems to get every beautiful woman in the novel and that I kind of liked the scenes where the girl was harrassed/raped.
OK, now I have just finished the first chapter and was kind of disappointed. It looks like, the reason why my views are largely immoral are not because I'd be diagnosed as a sociopath if I went to a psychiatrist. I am just immoral because that is the only way I can experience ANYTHING that other, more capable/charming/socially competent/talented people could experience. I started discarding any morals I had as soon as I started following the REBT method by Albert Ellis a few years ago. Well, and it resulted in me getting kicked out of both of the internet forums I actually wanted to keep visiting until I died... :-( Well, now I am here, I hope that's OK.

Infamous wrote:Sluthate is the "Rectum" of Irreversible. :lol:
Don't quite understand what you mean, but OK. :)

mkdrive2 wrote:Don't quite understand what you mean, but OK. :)

"Rectum" is the hardcore gay-club in the film Irreversible. ;)

Infamous wrote:"Rectum" is the hardcore gay-club in the film Irreversible. ;)
Except I am not gay. People in internet forums call me a faggot for things like not knowing what "test level" means. I found out that it means testosterone level...

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