Is david icke legit?

Guy sells t-shirts on his site for Christs sake...

LMSghost wrote:All that reptile shit?

What I do not like about him is that he plagurizes all the Buddhist and Hindi ancient teachings and tries to pass it off as his own realization. That is what I hate about the new age movement. Bunch of idiot hippies who want to rip off the ideas of the ancients instead of acknowledging them.

Notice how he almost never mentions that the majority of the elite are JEWS? David Icke is a sayanim of Zion.

He's even crazier than Alex Jones.
Whimminz reactions when I try to be more "confident":

Alex Jones's wife is a polish jew, and his funding comes mainly from jews. Notice how Jones never has once mentioned that Israel was the people behind 9-11?

All of these guys are Zionist agents.

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