A girl called me an asshole yesterday ...

... but she was smiling when she said it. That's an indicator of interest. That means she's into me. I'm a "charming jerkboy".

What motivated her to say, "You're an asshole?" I told her another girl was stalking me. I told her I offered to have dinner with the other girl if the other girl paid for it, because I didn't really like the other girl that much. LOL

That's female jealousy played, motherfuckers. I don't even need to date this girl.

this slut knows the other slut will not pay any dinner for you , that's not female jealousy
you= retard

she call you an asshole because surely is true, cookie and funny stuff not works sorry
works only in the mind of David de Angelo and all the stupids which purchased his book

A girl insulted me and made me cry but turns out she just had problems and a hard situation
I think I’m in love with her

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