My neighbor the 5'5 Indian slayer

We live near a high school and my next door neighbor is a 58 year old 5'5 balding Indian janitor with a potbelly.

During the summer, he took PUA workshops, read Neil Strauss book "The Game" and some books by Roosh and perfected his inner game. We practiced his cold approach in my living room. So in September, the students returned to school. So far this is some of what he's accomplished:

Banged a 16 year old super Stacy cheerleader
Had a 3sum with a 38 year old MILF Stacy teacher and one of her 18 year old Stacy students
Banged a mixed black/white hottie who was formerly the best friend of above mentioned super Stacy. They had a falling out over him.

And he said that his inner frame was so solid that they got massive amounts of pleasure from his self described "micro penis".

If my Indian janitor neighbor can do it....we all can do it! Now go ye forth into the world and slay!!!

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