Chase, Chasing and Chasing Red Pill...


Chase, you usually have good points, however I quite disagree about what you wrote in general about Red Pill and manospefere. Don't forget, lots of contributors are quite skilled in getting laid, they've been through relationships, and there are always several ways to accomplish the same thing (get laid)...We are just people, sex is one of the most natural thing there is - without it none of us would be around... There is no way that our fathers and grandfathers new so much about seduction, they probably didn't know even the basics - yet each of them got laid, we are the proof...Don't know how much you guys know about marriages in Europeans or Latinas, but the marriage is simply different, even though the situation is rapidly changing as well, unfortunately everybody is adopting the US style of living... It was not unusual in Europe that mom had more traditional role of, well, of being a mom... She was cooking, cleaning, taking a great care of children,... All that after work and over the weekends... Woman was naturally more feminine while the guy was masculine... That wasn't any exception, that was a norm in most families. As a result of good family life, those countries had overall low crime rate, low drug use, and pretty good and inexpensive education and access to healthcare system.

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