rest in peace bfV

it was already dumb in BF1 how they had like 25% of the german army being black. but this new bf goes past the line.. they might as well have darth vader leading the nazis instead of hitler. hell, with how much they wanna push "customization" they should also let people have their soldiers be god damn space aliens.

really though, game's ruined by feminists and fortnite customization bullshit. EA and dice're trying to tap into a new market and literally telling people "don't like it,don't buy it". fuck em. literally all they had to do was make a decent WW2 game. with weapons,uniforms,tanks and whatnot all fitting the time period. and no KRATOS looking faggots or cyborg arm BITCHES with blue facepaint saying "ELLO OL FREND". boom. no more controversy. but no..
here's hoping the game flops.

lol at those who play battlefield it became literally shit since bad company 2

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