should i join

no stay here instead. The other forums have stricter moderation than either here or looksim, they have anti-VPN and anti-Tor sentiments, and their sites require loads of javascript and captchas and shit. This is certainly where I will be staying if lookism is down for good, and even if only a dozen people stay here with me I will not mind. I will be checking this forum and contributing posts to it fairly regularly, perhaps not as much as I did on lookism due to the inactivity but I will be making posts here on essentially a daily basis and I encourage everyone from lookism to do the same.

This forum may be largely dead right now, but we can turn that around by contributing to it. If nobody contributes to it because it is dead then it will just stay dead.

yeah i stay here and if lookism stays dead then w/e. vitriol seems shady as fuck.

i just wish the site could be streamlined.

Fucking LOL at who moved my thread

It's fucking over for you boyo

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