Lookism is now the norm

I have taken notice the reality of how women would perceive men and become attracted to them. When looking back to what I see women tend to go after a guy with some or lots of muscle, perfect facial features, strong chin/jawline, perfect hair, men with black skin tone (in some areas of a diverse town or city), a specific height usually six foot or above, and even men with a preferred eye color a girl wants in a man. I am a descendent of southern/western European, Mediterranean, British and Irish ancestry so how come women are not interested in me? This is due to the majority of women having an inflated ego of who they see attractive. The difference is that men are more open to what they want in a women but women feel empowered by feminism that they must have the best male candidate. There is a course a old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." The biggest offender to disregard this saying is of course not surprising are women. The thing is that not all of us are born perfect or go through puberty and come out of it with zero problems. Take me for example I am six foot two, slim, light tan skin, black hair, hazel eyes, deep voice and has a weak almost non existent chin covered up by a goatee. This however isn't good enough to most girls I come across since I do not fit in their high standard for a man they want on looks. The sad part is I must explain lookism to my parents and why it is a sad part of reality. They refuse to believe me but yet again I doubt they could handle the dark truth of how the world has changed.

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