Lookism and it's effects on prison rape

Statistically, inmates that are young, white and good looking tend to be the victims of prison rape, specifically if they are of small stature and can't fight. There was a guy who wrote a book about his experience in the Michigan prison system.

He was 17 years old in 1978 when he went to prison. He said being young, white and good looking made him an immediate target. He said he was 6'2, but a skinny 148 pounds and in his words "couldn't fight very well".

When he was first processed into the prison system, another inmate grabbed his ass. He said he was too scared to respond so he pretended it didn't happen. The guards saw it and put him in a cell close to the guard station to "keep something from happening to him".

Well a few days later he was transferred to another prison. Within 2 days in population, he was drugged and gang raped by inmates he described as being muscular and at least 10 years older. After it was over, a coin was flipped to decide who's "woman" he would become. He ended up belonging to a 30 year old black inmate they called Slide Step.

He lucked out, relatively speaking, by getting Slide Step as a man. Since Slide Step was well respected in the prison, no one bothered him as bothering him would be like bothering Slide Step. And Slide Step treated him more like a beloved wife than a sex slave. It wasn't uncommon for men to beat their "women" and force them into being prison prostitutes. But "women" including the author, were not allowed to wear boxers. Only "men" (inmates who had not been raped) could wear boxers but all others had to wear briefs that had been dyed in kool aid to be red or pink so it looked like they were wearing panties.

Once he was separated from Slide Step and sent to the county jail to be transferred again, he was again raped by 2 black inmates in their "mid 20's" who targeted him because he was *young, white and good looking*. He barely escaped another gang rape attempt in the county jail when he was rescued by a guard sergeant.

But he said that this was the usual fate of young white guys who were considered good looking unless they were muscular and could fight well. For some reason, young black inmates usually didn't encounter the same kind of problem unless they were suspected to be homosexual.

He talked about another 16 year old white guy who he said was "raped immediately" when he arrived at the prison. The 16 year old was 5'5 barely 130 pounds. They were at the same prison.

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