NT-maxing log

Hello fellow incels and aspies, how are you all?

Today was the first day I took some steps to become more NT, Did a coupel things today

1. Went to the bookstore and bought "How to Win Friends and Influence People" -> will read 1 chapter after writing this post.
2. Started taking fish oil for mental health
3. Started meditating using headspace app for 10 minutes now -> sucked at it, wasn't able to pay attention a bit
4. Started journalling -> This is to write down what I did and felt so I have a record of what I did so I can mental healthmax
5. Also did Lumosity workouts for brain training so I can transform my aspie brain to be more NT.
6. Going to restart my routine of coconut/castor oil in order to skinmax/eyebrowmax/eyelashesmax and hair max. Anyone know if this stuff actualyl works though?

Will ask doctor for Wellbutrin for ADHD/lethargy from Lexapro tomorrow
Will get vitamins/mineral tested so I can healthmax on 26th
Will start gymcelling and eating healthy from 26th.

Fellow incels, do not lose hope. If you work hard, slayerdom is ur destiny. Peace

See you tomorrow
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O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

Started Gymcelling today -> Did Full body workout + Cardio
As I plan on integrating on society I felt I ought to take care of my hygiene and grooming so I cleaned up my eyebrows, cut my nails and showered. Need to get a haircut now.

Also, I most likely do not have aspergers. Feels good man :). I found some old diary entries of mine from around Dec/Jan and they made me remember how I Felt back then and that's not how an aspie feels. I most likely just had a combination of anxiety/ocd from birth and depression when I became a teenager cause I lost my faith and felt alienated from society.

So I need to get off this site and visit more normalcel sites. See you guys. Thanks for a few guys here who listened to me while I was really suicidal and made me snap out of it.

Coffee is AWESOME. Makes me doubt myself less and helps with gymcelling which in turn is good for mental and physical health.

Hey, I'm back.

I'm super happy today. All my mental health issues have disappeared (anxiety/depression/ocd). My energy levels are "normal" now. All thanks to Lexapro 10mg. This is my 6th week on it and the drug delivered what it claimed to do. And I have experienced 0 side effects.

To any mentalcels don't hesitate on trying medication. I was hesitant about trying this stuff before cause I heard of all the scare stories and side effects but realise that only a small % of people suffer from them and the same side effects are similarly experienced when people were given a placebo.

And the few you do experience go away with time

Hope everyone here achieves his dreams of Slayerdom. As for me I've realised slayerdom isn't the end all of life. What really matters is having friends, relationships, hobbies you enjoy, being fit and healthy and having a fulfilling career. What really gives meaning to my life is constantl challenging myself, getting out of my comfort zone. I wouldn't be comfortable stagnating and just drifting off aimlessly without any purpose.


Confidence and personality theory is real. I've been super talkative in class the past few days with everyone and complete bombshells follow me on social media. It helps though that I'm in good shape and have chiseled facial features plus I looksmax a lot. but I've noticed that guys who are called weird usually are really socially anxious. IT's not about looks for majority of people. Most people are fixable.

GLL is legit. It's all about being a confrontative douchebag who looks like a fuckboi. That's how you get one night stands.

Hope I inspired some incels. Good luck,

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