Post Incel and NT hobbies

Obviously there is something that seperates incels from NT's. One thing is where they spend their time. Let's divide hobbies based on whether they are more aspies or NT's.

Incel hobbies:
Web surfing
Video games(can be NT or slayer hobbies depending on if you play them solo or with NT or Aspie friends and how often you play them)

slayer hobbies:
Team sports(football, soccer, rugby etc)

Could list more but feel sleepy right now. You guys should post some so I can mention them in the list. This is part of my plan in NT-maxing. To develop aspie obsession over NT hobbies and use them to run Status Game like become expert at playing guitar. Also putting myself in NT-hobbies will help with adopting more NT behaviours so I can become a slayer. wIll sluthate help me?

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