New Theory: Aspies are literally subhuman

The word subhuman gets thrown around a lot here and it appears to be used as a joke and mostly as an insult to one's look e.g if you're not male model then you're subhuman etc etc.

But I have a new theory. If you have aspergers. Then you are literally and figuratively subhuman. Political correctness will make you believe that aspergers is simply a difference. I think that's bullshit. I was born on the wrong planet. Aspies should be known as a different species similar to how humans and animals are differentiated.

I mean I struggle with navigating in this world, I've noticed that in the gym I forget where I've put my cell phone, I struggle finding weights and differentiating between plates. I often bump into people. I struggle with using proper form on lifts because I am clumsy. I get knocked down easily in fights. There is often a delay in something happening and me responding to it. I lack imagination. My thinking is very rigid. I have restricted interests. I talk about myself a lot. I struggle with non-verbal cues. I have speech issues. I experience emotional meltdowns a lot. My IQ isn't anything special. I am too literal minded.

Its stupid how everyone tries to frame this as just a "difference". Oh you're "special". Oh you're "gifted". You have obsessive interests? That's awesome, you can be the next "Einstein". No, my obsessive interests involving posting on forums and thinking about suicide. Oh you're so honest and ethical. No I'm an aspie.

If I go on any other asperger forum they'll talk about how people should learn to accept aspies. No, there should be a test for seeing if someone has aspergers. They should be aborted or killed at birth. No one should have to suffer like aspies have to. I would rather have been a full blown autist, atleast I would have been happy and cared by someone.

TBH, I am a burden on my parents and society. I do nothing in the house. Everyone would be better off if I died.

I was never meant to be normal like Elliot Rodgers. I remember volunteering at a school full of autists. I noticed how similar how seemed with them though I hated those annoying brats.

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