Share your experiences with aspies


Has anyone met a person who you were sure had aspergers irl?

I remember that I had a science teacher in grade four who I'm pretty sure had aspergers. He was bullied by the STUDENTS. His speech was really awkward. Students would assault him physically, had nicknames for him that they would say to his face. He cried a lot in class. I am pretty sure that a lot of my science and math teachers were aspies. They had trouble disciplining students and they had the most behavioral problems in class.

Also, a lot of people in my AP Math and science classes were probably aspies. You could tell when you talked to them, they appeared creepy, they spoke in a really low voice, made retarded facial expressions and were bullied the most. They weren't necessarily bad-looking, though some where. They did seem to have problems with grooming themselves which made them appear worse than they could be plus they had a poor fashion sense.

Has anyone with aspergers or any other mental issue actually gotten better though? I am looking for hope before I decide if I off myself cause the statistics seem pretty depressing. 42% of people with aspergers are unemployed and I imagine the other 52% struggle a lot more than non-aspies with their jobs.

I wish my aspergers had found a more productive thing to obsess over like guitar. I could be a rockstar. Maybe if I get on ADD meds I'll be able to focus on something like a normal person and function normally. What do other aspies think?

Reading my above post makes me realise how I might come off irl. Constantly derailing the convo. awkaward af.

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