Name maxing (Do it now)

- Use middle initial(s)

- If you need a better name then change to it

John Slut vs John H. Slut

Kate Downton vs Kate Upton
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Phallus Dildo Engage

victim count : 40

phallusfag, Iced Cunt, Feabie, Anal_Lina , mvpiss, mrsz, wannabitch, Negrocoxxyx, Rotting Pussy, fucktheworldwoman, Evershitty, FGAYER, LoserFagboy, terminus, Jewtant, ragequitcurrycel2, Whiteshit, pinkunicuck, Vergin, Misanthrope, procucktion, SuperCurrycel93, nada para foder, Exobaldus, MegaCUCK, 3DFAG, Taster Poya, FAGA, Tyloon Gook, catalina4, New2Asslicking, iluvallmen, TonyaTTT, Nightmare, Asscutted101,Fecal Prolpases, fatjade, SMDfag, AutisticGaymer, randomwhore

O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

ConcernedBimbo wrote:Phallus Dildo Engage


sounds like a gay gladiator

Kate Mi.dd.le.ton competing with Kate Upton out there ...

ConcernedBimbo wrote:I'm k8 downtown

That's a cute name for your female cross dressing alias.

rate each of these names if they're worth changing

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Mateo - Mathew
Cesar = Caesar
Damian =
Leandro = Leonardo

killah priest, sons of man, timbo king, grave diggas, king just,

Like Sean O'pry?
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

ConcernedBimbo wrote:Anal Lina


Consizzle Bizzle.

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