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Rate this guy 26 yo / 5'5'' height

by Jokerism » 3 weeks ago

Please rate this guy! He's 26 years old and 5'5'' height


by Kid Handsome » 3 weeks ago

Rate you, huh.

Like, by number?

I've seen guys who look like you, similar features, etc., and they got laid.

I'd suggest, you're Captain Forehead. Grow your hair over your face a bit. Pick up a magazine and find a picture of a Chad with hair over his face.

Do some pushups, take up jogging. Jog with your dog. Nothing is better to start a conversation than a dog unless you're walking some friend's baby around in a stroller.

Get new shirts.

Take two of this and call someone else in the morning.

You go on match.com, you'll get some looks. Grow the hair first.

by tyron » 2 weeks ago

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