Colombian singer Shakira is a feminist success story

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Look at her life:

  • Shakira's entire singing career is very sexual. That's sexual empowerment.
  • Shakira has loads of money. That's financial independence.
  • Shakira married a young, athletic, 24-year-old husband (Gerard Pique) when she was hitting the "wall" at the age of 34.
  • Shakira is the mother of two kids.

Shakira has everything.




I think it's more to do with capitalising on her looks, than some retarded ideology that doesn't exist, because even its practitioners don't know the dictionary defintion of "feminism".

Feminism is about equality men and women being equal.
I don't see a dwarf male popstar, like Bruno Mars, stood next to a tall, hot, female celebrity of whom he has a sexual relationship with.
Here is Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift which would be the equivalent of Shakira.


As forShakira supposedly being happilly married, she met and stole her current husband while he was still dating a younger woman.

Rumours have been swirling that both he and Shakira cheat on other which will lead to a break-up in 2019. ... a-with-her

Chads and Stacies going to Chad and Stacy.

So yeah, feminism and you = retarded.

Fabie wrote:
Iced Earth wrote:voice like a goat

her voice and music is horrible, but in a world full of stupid people anyone becomes rich and famous

It's was not uncommon for people to historically buy CDs just because the "artist" was good looking.
I'm sure her fans have buyers remorse as they realise she sucks without her videos.

Yes Shakira sounds like a mountain goat being castrated and her MTV music videos and hyper stripper wardrobe and moves distracted most idiots in her fanbase from this fact.

You can theoretically have looks, vocal talent and good songs. Mariah Carey was untouchable in the 1990s and deserved every million she made.

Shakira and Thalia* (*who married Mariah's ex Tommy Mottola) were and are South American latin trash, who broke out the skin bleacher and white wigs to woo idiot North Americans.

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