jfl at being attracted to foids over 25. google stats are te

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google stats are telling...



it seems be be the new thing now. fetishising old used up hags...oh no nothing wrong with that, right? but if you are attracted to clearly developed 12-13 year olds theres something wrong with you? just FUCKING LOL. GET a fucking life. GO OUTSIDE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

prime breeding age for females is 12-16. JUST STOP WITH YOUR COPING BS MUH CHILDREN FUCK YOU :uzi: :uzi:

its fucking over for humans at/after 25...legit

do you think it was a fucking coinsidence you started having a raging libido at 11-12? some even earlier?

look unless were talking emrata who seem to have prime aging genetics into mid 20's and still carry jb glow/ it is fucking over for the MAJORITY at 25.

:uzi: :uzi:

humans were not meant to live long into old age. there is no evolutionary advantage for living beyond your prime. you just become a burden to your own mind and everyone around you. have you fuckers ever been to an old people home HOLY FUCK THOSE THINGS ARE NOT HUMAN.


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