Please rate my face. Thank you

No registration required. Post your picture and let us rate you. Rate your face. Rate your voice. Rate your posture. Rate your body language. Rate your walk.

If you can elaborate on what you like or dont like I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sorry about the upside down photo. I dont know how to rotate it.
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You have a lot of flaws though, sorry to be harsh and candid but:

You need to have your nose fixed as it looks a bit odd, I’d like to see a side profile to get a better view.

NCT with lots of upper eyelid exposure

Shit eye color, look into blue eye surgery.

High hairline, try and grow your hair out and cover it up

Pretty bad eye bags, think that can easily be sorted though

Hope this helps and good luck with looksmaxing. Your bone structure is good so you at least have the foundations :)

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