please asnwer my question

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As a sub 4 ethnic, would going to university and joining a fraternity get me
1.) friends
2.) sluts

this is literally the only reason i would go to university, for the fraternity experience, fucking sluts and making long lasting brothers, but....
Despite all my rage i'm still just a sub 4 racially ambigious socially anxious ethnic in a cage
i bet i would get rejected from a bid, i've read reddit and how people get rejected for "not fitting in".

And if I do get in, it would be a bottom tier fraternity, not a top tier fraternity.
Then what? Would I get sluts? No lol.

Is my plan to go to vocational school, learn a trade and dedicate my life to saving up for personality altering drugs and cosmetic surgery a good plan?
I want become a rockstar btw, could a rockstar lifestyle make up for lack of slaying prior, can it make up for not joining a top tier fraternity and fucking stacies?

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