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im a sub 5 ethnic mixed race guy, i always had dreams of working in finance, working in sales and trades, beating the market, cocaine and hookers and unethical business practices. Kind of like the wolf of wallstreet.
I also have fantasized of going to university and having a good social circle, slaying in a fraternity and etc.
I've come to realization that my FACE will not allow me to succeed in business or in university.
I also have a non-NEUROTYPICAL brain from years and years of being shunned by society, bullied and etc.

I've been thinking doing skilled trades is the path for me, possibly welding.

Here is my solution:
Cosmetic surgery and drugs

Unfortunately, these things cost money. If I work as a welder, I could possibly save up for cosmetic surgery and permanently inhibition lowering drugs.

Hypothetically, If I become above a 5 and lose my crippling social anxiety, I would be able to switch from skilled trades to entrepeneurship or self employement.

I was thinking real estate.

Is this a good plan guys?

Need good money to start in real estate.
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