18M - Front face... Will surgeries do?

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Incel? - yes
Height barefoot - 6'0"
Height with shoes and lifts - 6'3"
Bodytype - ectomorph
Gymcelling? - no

My side profile is shitty, I have a receding chin.

My smile is also shitty, my teeth are yellow-ish but straightenend by braces. Still look like an invalid when I smile though.

It doesn't help that I live and go to university in fucking upper middle class Amsterdam and my peers are on average much better than most places in the world...

I'm not NT, I pretended to be in my senior year ok-ish and got some friends but no girl was interested.

Gonna make some legit money soon so what surgery should I save up for? Or am I too low to even try, and should just rot like right now?

I prefer honest number ratings with arguments, thank you

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My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBncbgu9hmBF3LKm9q-JCLw/

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