I'm 21y.o., 182cm, 20mm philtrum. Rate me plz

No registration required. Post your picture and let us rate you. Rate your face. Rate your voice. Rate your posture. Rate your body language. Rate your walk.

So which one of the cartoon cats in the cartoon paintings are you?

And you're asking guys about how good looking your face is and how you should fix it?

I seen a guy years ago, he tried to blow his head off with a shotgun. Someone kicked the gun away at the last second, so he only shot half his face off. He didn't have a nose left, I'm not sure how he ate, but he did still have eyes and a forehead. Some hair, too.

A guy like that, you can just hope he wins the lottery and finds someplace he can go and disappear, but within the service area of local call girls. You know, he can wear a mask like the bank robbers did in the original Point Break.

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