Is this the result of a population control program?

Societal problems, economics, etc.

Do you think maybe the reason our society is so fucked up is because some powerfull few decided to pull some strings. And that's why we have this brutal alpha beta culture where only the top 10% of the males are fucking 80% of the women. And the aim is to discourage birth rates?
Or is it just the consequences of the industrial revolution,democracy and the liberation of the female sex??


I think it's actually he first thing you suggested.

The woman's liberation movement was a big pain in the ass to quite a few people and most of society's thoughts were unhappy that women didn't "lay on their back any more and think of England", However I do think they have learned to adapt and warp the ideologies that at one point were helpful for a healthy society into another form of "divide and conquer" hot button topics. ... nd/399356/

3D Face Analysis wrote:do you even believe in religion yourself. i've once read that you were an atheist and want religion to be implemented to make society more moral.

I believe in the Old Testament as I understand it. I don't believe in any modern religions. I used to be atheist. The purpose of religion is morality, not some specific belief. In the Old Testament, God himself says this in Jeremiah 35.

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