dear LE and intelligence community

Societal problems, economics, etc.

I hope you realize that a substantial number of people hate the fuck out of you. This is for good reason. You are slave trading pieces of vile human shit and deserve to be murdered. You legitimately don't deserve life. The same for prison industry. All of you fuckers who have destroyed US and the world are going to die. I hope you realize that. Legitimately, you are going to fall from power, and be dragged out of your houses kicking and pleading for life, and you are going to be beaten, and bullets are going to be placed through your skulls, and will be cast into eternal oblivion, which is far too nice for you, seeing as you actually legitimately deserve to burn in a pit of hellfire for the rest of eternity.

DEA agents, your failed war on drugs is falling out of public favor, and sooner or later you will be recognized as war criminals, and each of you will be executed. There is no excuse for you, and you will be shown no mercy, and you will deserve no mercy. FBI agents, your war on male sexuality is falling out of public favor, and you will equally be dragged from your homes and have your worthless vile brains blown out on the pavement where they belong.

Supreme court justices who rule in such ways that these things are allowed to happen, may you be tied to stakes, doused in gasoline and burned alive. All politicians not fighting actively against the atrocities committed by the US government against the world, will be purged.

This is what is in the future for all of you. And nobody is going to give a shit about your saving the children, your God, your following orders, your archaic morality, your lies and bullshit. I just want you to realize that. Maybe it wont be this year, or this decade, or next decade, but we will go find you when you are 90 years old, after this absurd political system crumbles, and at that point you will be brought to justice with fire and lead.

All of you are marked for life and will be killed, and your deaths will be celebrated by the entire world, and you will go down in history as Nazi's or perhaps we will just purge you from history and existence because you literally should never have been born. Your existence is a fluke in the matrix and it is going to be corrected.

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