The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Societal problems, economics, etc.

My enemy is modern (liberal Western) culture. It is pure evil, far worse than Communism or Nazism or any of the other recent evils in history. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Who are the enemies of modern culture?

Not Christianity. Modern culture is a deviant form of Christianity, influenced by Plato and stripped of all good Christian values. Christianity today is either part of modern culture or is an empty shell of ritual. There is no significant opposition to modern culture in Christianity besides some obscure backward sects like the Amish.

Islam is a true enemy of modern culture, and therefore it is my friend. But unfortunately Islam is actually very similar to modern culture in many ways. It is quite intolerant, almost as intolerant as modern culture is. And it insists on imposing itself on the entire world, just as modern culture does. And it is fundamentally anti-intellectual just as modern culture is. Given these similarities, I cannot consider Islam as a good friend. I am just grateful whenever Islam attacks modern culture.

White nationalists are also true enemies of modern culture, and therefore my friends. Unfortunately they generally don't consider me their friend because they are racist and I am ethnically Jewish. Racism is their big flaw, but otherwise they are reasonable. They aren't anti-intellectual, aren't intolerant, and don't insist on imposing themselves on the world.

Orthodox Judaism is a true enemy of modern culture, even if they won't openly admit it. They don't admit it because they live within modern culture while rejecting modern culture internally. This works. Orthodox Judaism is somewhere in between Islam and white nationalism. Orthodox Judaism is racist and anti-intellectual, but is tolerant and doesn't impose itself on others.

And that's all. I can't think of any other significant enemy of modern culture.

Unless one wants to be a hermit, one has to choose a culture to belong to. The choices today are horrible, but one has to choose the least bad of the horrible choices. And in my opinion, the least bad choice is Orthodox Judaism. Why Orthodox Judaism? Let's consider the issues.

Of the choices, only white nationalists aren't anti-intellectual. Modern culture, Islam, and Orthodox Judaism are all anti-intellectual. But unlike modern culture and Islam, Orthodox Judaism is tolerant. This means that while Orthodox Jews aren't intellectual themselves, they will tolerate intellectuals. Modern culture and Islam cannot tolerate intellectuals. Therefore we can disqualify Islam.

The other big issue is racism which both white nationalism and Orthodox Judaism share. But unlike white nationalism, Orthodox Judaism provides a loophole with its Noahide concept. Someone who fails to meet the racial criteria of Orthodox Judaism can still be part of the community without having to obey the absurd rules of the Talmud by being a Noahide. There is nothing equivalent to this in white nationalism, so we can disqualify white nationalism for being racist without loopholes. I should note that the Noahide loophole only works for a minority of Orthodox synagogues since most Orthodox rabbis are too racist to tolerate Noahides. So this minority of Noahide tolerating Orthodox synagogues is the least horrible choice available in the modern world, and is the one that decent people (however few we are) should choose.
Following the Old Testament, not evil modern culture

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