So immigration is ruining Europe...

Societal problems, economics, etc.

What should be done about immigration into Europe? Should Europe put a moratorium on immigration? Should welfare be banned for immigrants? Should immigrants who commit a crime (misdemeanor or felony) be deported back to their native country? Should Europe implement some White Australia-esque immigration policy?

Please state your sincere opinions about what should be done to immigration to Europe and immigrants in Europe.

Europe is being overrun with Muslims and America with Hispanics. At some point this is all going to come to a head and you'll see a resurgence of white nationalist thinking. You're starting to see a surge in WN thinking in Europe and 'murica will see the same thing before long. It's actually BETTER for the ethnics to have a reasonable immigration policy with specific requirements that are seriously enforced than to have this mass importation of people from everywhere. Butthurt white nationalists everywhere = not good for a blackcel like me lol.

Well anyone in their right mind would understand this cannot go on forever, there will be consequenses. The brainwashed white male can tolerate much but theres always a point where enough is enough.

Massive protest (thousands) against immigration in Italy recently.


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