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Societal problems, economics, etc.

Spartacus wrote:whats the big deal about gamergate?

Sorry I got back to you so late. Okay Feminist game developer fucks 5 guys. Media says hurr unfounded despite texts proving otherwise. The men she fucks our gaming journalists who positively review her shit game. Anyway 4chan and reddit have a shitstorm and dox her. Her nudes are posted. 4chan is censored because Moot is friends with Anita Sarkessian and a writer for Gawker. People leave for 8chan and Stormchan. The mainstream media initially refuses to comment and now they are forced to. They all carry the same narrative how gamers are misogynysts, they say the gaming Industry needs to change. We are refusing to change. What this has done is put a huge gap between game developers and the people playing and buying said games.

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