What happens when the Western economy collapses?

Societal problems, economics, etc.

Srs what will happen if this occurs? Seeing how bad the economic situation is in many Western nations atm [Portugal, Spain, Italy,Britain, France, USA] what impact on getting women will an economic collapse have? I wouldn't surprised if there is one in within the next 10 years and the world goes into a state of anarchy and chaos. Will the DOM but ugly guys with insane FwHR be the guys who come out on top?

Keep in mind an economic collapse will probably mean the end of state handouts to sluts.

To big to fail. They will find a way
Even if it means more debt

djfranktank wrote:To big to fail. They will find a way
Even if it means more debt

The Roman empire was too big to fall yet it fell.

Western civilisation isn't going to stay on top forever no matter how big it is, it will be replaced by another country or another change of ideology.

Maybe not an economics collapse but a societal revolution/change will definitely happen in the future, how far away it is though we don't know.

I'll tell you what will happen. The first thing is that Asians and Indians will have high incomes by then, maybe on par with the West, which means there will be millions of millionaires in those societies. They will come shopping for the white women they crave so much. Here's the pecking order:

- billionaire: can get 10s, or any woman they want
- $100M+: 9s
- $10M: 8s
- under $10M: 7s and below

Obviously the biggest segment by far will be those with $1M to $10M. They will live like kings while we'll be lucky to get jobs as waiters and serve them lunch.

Economy is just an artificial creation anyway - It actually doesn't really exist as far as the universe is concerned - it is only present in our minds and the value we place on objects and cause and effect (services) during the present group consciousness.

More practically speaking it won't change unless the majority have a revolution and lay down new rules for the game of civilisation - For example when the Ancient Spartan lawmakers decided money was bad and was not required for their society to function. I don't think we are anywhere near that point.

I believe it will take a series of devastating natural disasters, followed by a period of anarchy, and reformation of small regional/city states with truly independent governments for this to happen. Also, on a social level it may happen if islam gets a great enough foothold in western societies. Once the push for sharia law gains popularity, and terrorism and civil war reign, particularly involving nuclear weapons and regular assassinations, we may see some severe economic changes taking place.

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