ive been the first to say making money is impossible

Societal problems, economics, etc.

i say its pretty much impossible.maybe not for mark zuckerberg or jeff bezos who are obviously gods who can do things no one can do and also got lucky

i have in depth analyzed everything. the market efficiency, the competition saturation and evil entities are a huge problem. but that barely scratches the surface. red queen red tape taxes corruption barriers of entry etc

most of us will remain poorcels except maybe for some crimecels

i think its a big deal. call me an idiot but some economists agree with me. its rigged beyond belief. you cant compete with central banks.

just some thoughts here

Well duh.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos are both Jewish, both are freemasons who attend bilderberg meetings with elite global leaders (not a secret their invites are for all to see) and yes they had ruthless proposals to monopolise their business.

Add to that Ray Kroc the "founder" of McDonalds. He was a self admitted "Shriner" a Jew and a Slavic.

Also these guys (despite their claims of modesty) are high IQ geniuses and LOL if you really think Bill Gates was some special education needs high school drop out, as per his PR.

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