People With a Notch Count of Over 10 Should be Kept in a Zoo

Societal problems, economics, etc.

Some will say that execution of male and female skanks is cruel and unusual punishment, so I have a solution that is beneficial to both parties: Keeping cumrags and fuckboys encased in a zoo.

This is a win-win situation for both sides, really. Anyone who wants to act like an animal will be conveniently accommodated to receive the Full Animal Experience. No longer will people with such little sense of integrity or honor be burdened with the constrains of living as a member of society. Anyone who displays such low capability to control their urges will be stripped of any expectations or responsibilities. It is only fair and reasonable, seeing as they are incapable of showcasing any sort of integrity whatsoever.

This is also a win for people who care about love and sex. People who threaten the marriage pool with adulterous tendencies and STDs will be locked away, incapable of polluting and harming society. Unlike prison, however, visitors will be able to come and observe primitive beings in their natural habitat. It can be an educational and entertaining experience for the rest of us.

Cumrags and fuckboys are always justifying their behavior by saying "We're just mammals, it's only natural!" So I say we put these mammals back in their natural habitat.

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