It's justified to kill agents of the courts and media

Societal problems, economics, etc.

Until their moral panics are abolished. Even after they are abolished the instrumental people in the system of mass panic and slavery should face trials and be executed afterwards. I support abolishing the status quo and killing the people responsible for it, from the media agents, to the judges, the prosecutors, the politicians, and so on. I want them to be rounded up and gassed.

This is my official position. My official position is that the people responsible for inciting, maintaining, and managing moral panics have revoked their right to life, and that they should be executed. They are not to any extent representative of me, I have absolutely no support for them, and if I had my way they would all be dead. I strongly encourage people to take the position of executing the war criminals after their reign of terrorism collapses, like we need to seriously plan ahead to the future and just have a consensus agreement that the people responsible for the mass indoctrination and enslavement of society will be brought to justice with bullets in their heads and gas in their lungs, they cannot go unpunished for their disgusting crimes against humanity and the only fitting punishment for them is execution.

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