Folk devil classes should kill agents of the courts, media

Societal problems, economics, etc.

Seriously there are millions of people who look at CP. If all of them simultaneously converged on the major media studios we could kill all of them. It's a matter of fact, they couldn't withstand an onslaught of random people attacking them from every angle. I wish I could spread a message to every single person who views CP, uses drugs, or so on, saying we could just converge on the media and kill all of them. We could converge on the courts and kill all of them. We could kill the judges, we could kill the prosecutors, we could kill the reporters, we could kill the media agents, we could kill everyone who plays a role in the moral panics that work against us, they are enemy combatants, we could kill the fucking parasites.

We could rip the judges out of their homes and murder them in the streets. We could rip the prosecutors out of their homes and put bullets into their heads. We could rip the politicians out of their homes and decapitate them! We could firebomb the media stations, we could firebomb the police stations, we could mass riot and kill the parasitic filth, we could exterminate them from the face of the Earth. We could go get the CEOs of the corporations funding these moral panics and lynch them. We could lynch the researchers that produce propaganda for the government. We could find the people profiting from the prison industrial complex and kill them. They are parasitic filth they need to be exterminated. All of the people who control the panic could be converged on by the folk devil classes they synthesized and murdered by them. We could kill the panic inciters! We could kill the slave traffickers! We could mass storm them and exterminate all of them without mercy, exterminate their entire professions!

There are millions of us. We need to become self aware, realize who our enemy is, and work toward their destruction. Let's see if they keep up their false narratives demonizing us when the result is them getting bullets into their subhuman fucking heads. WE COULD KILL THE OPPRESSORS! WE COULD KILL THE LYING PARASITIC PANIC INCITERS! There are not enough of them to stop us, we have millions of people dispersed all throughout their society. After they are overthrown we could pardon any acts of violence committed against them, we could just kill the fucking parasites, we could storm them, we could have a swarm of millions of people taking to the streets with the sole intention of killing as many of the oppressors as possible, we could seriously completely fucking overthrow them. We could turn their streets into war zones, we could storm their buildings and wipe the fucking parasites out, we could destroy their establishment of oppression.

Why are you all sitting around waiting for the parasites to abduct your ass? If we all rose up simultaneously we would have a massive army of decentralized dispersed combatants. We could give the panic inciters something to panic about, and our end goal would be completely exterminating them, even after they fall from power we could hunt them down and eradicate them, we could build death camps for the parasites and exterminate them from the face of the Earth!

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