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Putting aside democrats and republicans I see a common problem with our government. I believe the government as a whole needs to know when they should back away from what we citizens can and can't do. One example is raising the age on cigarettes if someone wants to pick up smoking early on let them cause they are still paying state tax on the product. Then guns are a bit more obvious yes the government should come in and regulate but only up to a certain point since it is our second amendment we should also have a say in the matter. This means we should be able to buy a gun but with less government interference that make things difficult for gun owners in a state like California for example. The worst thing I can not stand however is being told by a government what is right and what is wrong in some cases. This would include what drugs are illegal on a federal level pot is illegal yet multiple states have legalized it in some form and yet users could face jail time in more conservative states. The government should just accept the fact change is growing every day and let the all the states run elections for the citizens to choose how pot will be legalized in a medical or recreational setting. Then for harder drugs like meth or heroin should of course be illegal in all forms on state and federal level due to causing more harm then good to users. Just wanted to get this off my chest right now.

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