Name ONE nigger invention

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

chronic4 wrote:... while blacks (exception of the few celebs and famous rappers, singers and b-ball players) ...

And those are mostly if not all African-Americans. If they are African-American, they are mixed by default. Vast majority are in the 10% to 30% European admixture range very few if any are less than 5% European. So its not real blacks anyway. Full blacks will never achieve anything. 8-)

To let the whites do all the donkey work and just make money through easy stuff like music!

TheDream wrote:Peanut butter lol.

I always thought this was their most famous invention tbh

Devil's Gift 2 Women wrote:Niggers invented gangs.

Italians invented gangs. Also drive-by shootings.
Once you have taken the red pill there is no way back.

coreyalexander wrote:Hey, black guy here.

I'm gonna drop some knowledge on you guys.

There is literally no difference between races. Science shows the genetic variation between people of different races is so slight, that if we were all dogs, we'd all be the same breed. Furthermore, there are more variations between people of the same race than people of different races. So I'm more genetically similar to my distant Irish relatives than my African ones.

Also, the difference in different civilizations also has to do with climate. Africa has a tropical climate (the worst for developing a civilization). In tropical climates, it's hard to form agriculture and cows and oxen cannot survive in that environment for very long. There is a lot of disease that plagues Africa because of the bacteria growing constantly because of the heat. Because of this, Africans couldn't develop their civilization as quickly as the Europeans. It doesn't mean they're less intelligent.

Nigerians actually have the most Masters/PHDs out of any portion of our population, and they are more black than african americans.

If you want to know anymore information about the world, just let me know. I want you guys to know about reality and not the white supremacy bullshit you've been indoctrinated in.

Yeah, of course the people with the shittiest race like the idea that race doesn't really exist. Same thing with feminists and every other progressive victim group that wants to make everything a social construct and blame everything on "oppression." Yep, nothing is really anything, everything's made up, everything and everyone is equal. Sure.....

All of them are losers and rejects who want to shame us into disbelieving our lying eyes to save their poor hurt fee fees.

Occam's razor: how could race possibly not be real and significant? Just consider how different the races look. But we're supposed to believe that in every other respect, we're exactly the same??!! How could that possibly be?

Evolution only works on superficial physical characteristics and leaves things like intelligence and temperament alone? Utter nonsense. Yet, that's what mainstream academia will say we should accept.

How could the races -- which evolved under very different conditions and great isolation for long, long periods of time -- not be meaningfully different? They couldn't be, of course.
"I will never be a creator, but I could be a destroyer."
-- Elliot Rodger

-Food stamps
-Duck face selfies
Take the black pill and discover that the rabbit hole leads to an abyss.

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