Asian frustration

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

There is a burmese girl in one of my classes who is sexually frustrated. The reason why is her boyfriend lives in Washington DC whom she came across in some bible camp thing. I was told this by her room mate who i am friends with right now. Also this girl constantly has phone sex with her boyfriend who just turned 16. Think about it her boyfriend is 16 while she is 18 or 19 and in collage so of course she would talk about sex to her room mate. I know this girl family is kinda poor but man i hate being cucked from possibly getting with this Burmese girl why can't she accept the fact that the long distance relationship will not work out?? I hate how it seems asian girls go with a guy who don't really deserve them including if said guy lives so far away. The one thing that has my blood boiling over all of this is of course her boyfriend is a Christian Chad based on what her room mate told about this guys features.

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