24 Legacy

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

So I'm watching 24 Legacy and while the story is exactly what I'd expect from 24, this show really lays it on thick with negro worship, faggotry, etc.

-The protagonist has been changed from a straight white dude to a negro.
-CTU consists of: an old woman, aforementioned negro protag, currbreath femal computer techie, a white gay male computer techie, a white gay male field agent.
-The dude running for president is latino. the head of his campaign is middle eastern.
-One of the very few straight white dudes is a psychotic, paranoid vet, a traitor of his country.
-Faggot propaganda is pushed hard, what with aforementioned currybreath saying "what year does he think it is?" when aforementioned white gay male tells her that another dude broke up with him, because he didn't want people to know he was gay.

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:p.s. You made our List of Legendary Men of Slut Hate Forum.

lol wut? Aware me.

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Above: Our most memorable Forum Members are listed in our Signature.

p.s. Hope you found peace with your 'bluepill' father and also acquired your teen sex-slave in your Country.

Oh, sorry, Ona, I hadn't realized it was you. Plus, I had signatures switched off.

Just for the record, the prostitute wasn't blonde, and you can probably put "alcoholic" somewhere there next to my name, too. Thanks!

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