Why Asian Girls are snooty/ stuck up/ pretentious/ nonsocial

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

Asians girls are pretentiously non social when they act conceited, stuck up, snobbish. But having a snobbishly judgmental outlook of the world must be hard when you are a member of a race of yellow plate faced cockroaches. Who don't produce genes of girls who have ass or tits. How they all look the same or have similar features. Inferior height. low dimorphism, neoteny. etc. No wonder these cockroaches precipitate a superiority complex. How do they judge themselves with the same snobby standard in their snooty judgmental outlook? Probably not with much admiration. Therefore, snooty stuck up artifice producing illusion of high value, to minimize and bury any trace, inference, stray thought or notability that implies natural low value that they're desperately trying to conceal. Asians are an insecure lot. No wonder they are purely driven by being on top in life, dominance, superficial supremacy, instead of personal passion. They work to be passively valued, embraced, validated. Because they know deep down inside they're low value. So their own self acceptance in of itself is inadequate because they know that they're objectively flawed. So they look for the validation of those they deem of high value, so they can finally authorize their self validation. They want to be the biggest toad in the swamp. Couture shades, their D&B purses, their Aeropostale clothes will NOT give you a narrow, prominent, pretty nose. Instead of that flat hammer smashed snub on your face, chink. Acura RSX sports coupes, their Infinitis, Lexuses won't compensate for your small chest bump/ cone tits, flat ass. Asian girls are afraid of interacting if their low value from being a member of the weakest race is brought up in the negative. Therefore, they build a wall of stuck up pretentious arrogance to block out/ minimize the notability/ relevance of their genetic inadequacy. To block it out. And to desensitize themselves from the pain by diffusing insult and truth with a stuck up facade. That diffuses the impact of sensing the objectivity of their inferiority by not recognizing it by failing their artificial/ produced/ pretentious criteria of acknowledgement. Defense mechanism. People especially in pua try to hold the artifice of superiority to disguise their low value aspects as high value alpha aspects. But they're so inadequate that they aren't naturally confident. Anyone who isn't naturally confident, and needs to develop formulaic strategy to get with pussy probably can't do it comfortably. Due to their underlying assumption of inferiority, which dilutes their confidence and thus diffuses their competence. UNLESS they do what Asian girls do when they act stuck up. By suppressing their acknowledgement of their flaws. And manage the impression of being a winner. Every PUA tells incels to perform in accordance with this ruse. But it's artificial if you're not naturally confident. Doesn't really work does it.

what you describes sounds like white bitches. the hot and atractive looking ones are stuck up as hell, and too many are black cock sluts. only ugly ones and plain janes that aren't worth fucking in the first place are "nice".

worst of all, even many of the hot ones hag out pretty hard before 30 and turn into wirnkled old sacks that hide behind makeup and photoshop.
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I agree that white women are guilty of this also big time. But Asian girls imitate white women because I think Asians are more obsessive about status and image more so than European culture in of itself. That's why the majority of them will act stuck up when there's no justification for it because they're a side dish minority. At least white girls are ideal for most people, so I can kind of give them a pass. Unless they're ugly. But still, something about being white makes you high value. I think the lowest a white girl can go before she's 30 is maybe a 3/10. If she has blue eyes anyway idk. I just think Asian girls have this really unjustified stuck up superiority complex to hide something. And I bet it's their genetic inadequacy.

Gooker girls are extremely prone to the decadent immorality of capitalism. The result are hyper-materialistic degenerate cocksuckers ready to sell out their own family members if it means a quick buck. They're a waste of time; get over your yellow fever.

Phillipino women need killing, but as far as I'm aware the northern asian women seem ok.
Mog or get ROTTED!

A look at China or Japan is a sneak peak into the future of the West. An overabundance of men and inflated value of pussy brings out the absolute worst in women.
Take the black pill and discover that the rabbit hole leads to an abyss.

eldigato wrote:Gooker girls are extremely prone to the decadent immorality of capitalism. The result are hyper-materialistic degenerate cocksuckers ready to sell out their own family members if it means a quick buck. They're a waste of time; get over your yellow fever.

don't white whores do the same shit? almost all white american bitches i see hate their own families or don't give much of a shit about them it seems, and live for cock carousel and/or finding a guy with a high paying job and nice car to support them.

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