Intern’s $23 million payday after being slut-shamed

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Plaintiff Hanna Bouveng, 25, scored the massive payday after filing suit against her married former boss, Benjamin Wey, the 43-year-old CEO of New York Global Group.

The big award came from punitive damages, with the federal jury handing Bouveng a total of $20 million for defamation that included Wey smearing her on his Webzine after their breakup and emailing her father a vicious note when he found another man in her bed.

Bouveng also landed $650,000 in compensatory damages for sexual harassment that ranged from Wey openly panting over her at the office to pressuring her to sleep with him. When she finally fell into bed with him, he lasted just 2 minutes, she said.

Jurors awarded Bouveng another $1.95 million to compensate her for Wey’s defamation.

The 650k was for the actual sexual harassment. But she was awarded more than 20 million for the slut shaming.

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