Falimcels GTFIH, masseter hypertrophy exercises

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Use TMJ exercises for masseter hypertrophy. I perform the 2nd and 4th exercises and can anecdotally confirm they're legit. You'll need to provide greater resistance for growth though.

For the 2nd exercise you basically need to cup your hand around your chin and provide resistance downwards while biting, don't open the mouth too wide or clench teeth hard while doing this. Keep tongue on roof of mouth and tuck in chin. I imagine i'm biting something with my back molars.

For the forth one, forget about the pencil. Just open your mouth slighty and hold your hands against your face like Macauly Culkin in Home Alone. Then pretend like your grinding your teeth together while providing resistance with your hands at each side of your face.

Don't over exaggerate these movements, only small movements needed or else you may fuck up your jaw. Work out the masseter just like any other muscle.

Only downside i've experienced is that the veins on my temple have become more pronounced for a while after doing these exercises, probably something only I will notice though.

Don't forget to do your chin. Put finger above chin and pull down. Push finger up using chin muscles. Repeat until you feel muscle burn.

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