Most aesthetic eyebrow shape

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Mine are like the last guy but I'm a fan of arched they look super villainish :twisted:

scar_face40 wrote:Image

That philtrum length
That eyebrow mog
That nose mog
That compact face

Fuck. Slayer.

IMO the best shape is straight with a slight positive tilt. Adam Levine is a prime example:


I'm thinking of getting eyebrow transplants to achieve this brow shape. My inner brows are fine but my outer brows arch up too much. Botox is also an option but I'm concerned that Botox may cause my upper eyelids to droop.



whatever mine are
c88gzcn.jpg (274.67 KiB) Viewed 10054 times

Bipolar wrote:whatever mine are

you have womanly eyebrows. Far from ideal.

Elite Looksmaxer wrote:cara eyebrows 11.4/10


Dis bitch has some nice eyebrows even though she puts me off sometimes.

I have straight eyebrows I think but, towards the end their size increases a bit from the top. What the fks that?

Elite Looksmaxer wrote:
beetlejuice wrote:Dis bitch has some nice eyebrows even though she puts me off sometimes.

she also has a brad pitt 10/10 nose


You also have a nice profile nose, blondie brother.
Techno Viking does as well.

This is the funniest gif on internet
-deepthroating slayers
-sucking the blood of less attractive males and using them as an emotional tampon to soak up all their childish emotions while denying them sex

It all varies depending on what fits your face. However, straight eyebrows are just blah, nah, ugly.

idk. i have a friend of mine that gets laid 24/7-- seriously, the guy is legit 6/6''1, sean connery like proportions (long legs and arm)- and chicks dig his eyes/eyebrows.. hes Pakistani, but has like blue-ish eyes which is rarer than fucking any eye combination on earth basically.. all my hottest girl friends think his eyes are gorgeous


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